The Scheve's family


Surname change:

Johann Martin Tabeling, baptized in Germany on March 24, 1738, youngest son of Rudolf Tabeling and Lucia Margaretha Klünemann, worked in Lüsche at the farm of Hermann Heinrich Scheve. Eight months after the death of the farmer, Johann Martin Tabeling married his almost 15 year old daughter and heiress Lucia Margaretha Scheve. Johann Martin Tabeling took (and gave his descendants) his wife's surname.

In the nineteenth century in Germany were at least two reasons for surname changes. One reason was that a man might move to a farm with a particular name and he would thereafter be known by the name of that farm. Another reason for surname changes was that a man might take the surname of his wife, so that her father's name would be preserved.

It seems that it was her father's wish and it is certain that the descendants of Lucia Margaretha would not carry the Scheve name if her husband had not adopted it.

So the paternal bloodline comes through the Tabelings and the surname comes through the Scheve's.


Johann Carl (John Carl) Scheve and Bernard Friedrich Scheve were twins. John Carl was the first-born. He married Elisabeth Grote (Grothe), inherited the Scheve farm in Lüsche after the dead of his father in 1879, sold the farm and came on steamship Trave to America in 1886. There were eight in the party: John Carl, his wife Elisabeth, their four children, John's twin brother Bernard Friedrich and the twins 'widowed mother' Maria Agnes (who was 71).

John Carl and Bernard Friedrich jointly bought 160 acres of land in Elmerdaro Township in Maydale. Eight months later John Carl sold his half-interest to his twin brother. Bernard Friedrich farmed in Elmerdaro Township for more than eight years. A couple of months before that sale, John Carl had bought an additional 160 acres in Center Township. John Carl lived on the Center Township farm the rest of his life. They had eight children; six born in Germany, two are American-born members.

Bernard Friedrich Scheve and Mary Ann Wendel married in 1893. Bernard Friedrich and Joseph Wendel, his father-in-law, had several farms in the Maydale neighbourhood. Maria Agnes was living with Bernard Friedrich and Mary Ann. Their first four children were born on the farm in Maydale. In 1900 they moved to Lakin Township, Harvey Co, where the fifth child was born. In 1901 Bernard Friedrich bought 160 acres in Milton Township, Marion Co, near the town of Burns. Two more daughters were born while the family was at Burns. In 1905 the family went to Cooke Co, Texas, and came back in Maydale by Christmas of 1906. The last three children were born in Maydale.

Johann Heinrich (Henry) Scheve, his wife Angela Bernardina (Angela), their four children and his father Johann Joseph Scheve (who was 79) left Germany on the Weimar and arrived in Kansas on January 11, 1893. Immediately after arriving in Kansas, Henry bought land in Elmerado Township, Maydale, Lyon Co. The ninth and last child was Henry Jr, born June 13, 1895. In 1901 they left Lyon Co and moved to the vicinity of Andale, Sedgwick Co. In 1906 the family went back to Germany and returned to America in 1909. In 1910 Henry bought 320 acres of land in Ford Co and less than six months later he sold it again. In 1911 Henry and Angela purchased a farm in Afton Township, Sedgwick Co. They live there the rest of their lives.


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